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'Patch' Sculptural Vase

Sculptural yet functional, regular yet asymmetric. This octagon ‘Patch’ vase continues Sheng’s aesthetics of minimal style and purity of visual language, conveying a sense of sentient tactile and rhythmical, celebrating the transformative of the thin silver sheet and essence of an ordinary still-life.


In addition to the carefully controlled making process and attention to immaculate construction, Sheng decided to give himself some flexibility and freely ‘painting’ gold patterns on this work. Complementing the whole piece, the random scattered 24K gold foil also provides a metaphor for spontaneous and emotional moments and events of life.


Embracing both traditional silversmithing skills and modern approaches, the entire piece was manipulated by using the corrugated rolling mill and fabricated with the help of PUK welder rather than conventional soldering technique. An ancient Korean gilding technique named Keum-boo has been used to apply these gold foils to the main body of silver work.

'Patch' Sculptural Vase.jpg

Materials: oxidised Britannia silver, sterling silver and 24k gold foil.

work 02.jpg
work 04.jpg

Photographed by Shannon Tofts

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