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Associating with boundary, volume, silhouette, capacity, shadow, gravity and subtle detail, Sheng’s practice concentrates on exploring the connection of internal and external, positive and negative space in his work.

The work contains indentation and bulge accented with precious metal dot to complement the special qualities of these vessels and containers. It conveys the sense of integrity, celebrates and connects the positive and negative space that an object dominates. Questioning the role of function in a conceptual and aesthetic work of art.

S Zhang 3.jpg
S Zhang 1.jpg

'Off-vertical' sculptural object containers

Sterling silver, 14ct gold, gold leaf, Jesmonite

Public Collection. Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A). UK. 2019

Goldsmiths’ Company & Cooksongold Precious Metal Grant. UK. 2018

VAS Showcase Shortlisted Artist. Visual Arts Scotland Graduate, UK. 2018

Photographed by Shannon Tofts 


Detail - indentation.

Sterling silver, 14ct gold.

Photographed by Shannon Tofts

S Zhang 6.jpg

Detail - bulge

Jesmonite, gold leaf

Photographed by Shannon Tofts

Sheng Zhang.jpg

Brooch series

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