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Inside Out

The following work is a remade version of previous 'Inside Out'. All works are made by sterling silver and massively scaled up.

Sheng Zhang's designs are usually influenced and inspired by minimalist art, contemporary architecture and geometrical form.


This collection involves the utilisation of highlighted incisions and openings on edges as gates to reveal and emphasise the link of internal and external space. Introducing the change of light as a catalyst to go through the work and formulate different shadow as a changeable echo of the work itself. It strengthens the visual impact, questions the relationship between the work and its surroundings.

sheng zhang.jpg

'Inside Out' sculptural object vessels

Oxidised sterling silver

Photographed by Shannon Tofts



Textured and oxidised sterling silver

Photographed by Shannon Tofts

Inside Out.jpg

Young Professional Award. Nederlands Zilvermuseum Schoonhoven. 2018

Photographed by Richard Valencia for Goldsmiths' Fair

Inside Out Shadow.jpg

Shadow - Echo

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